Health: Always clean and store cherries and berries properly

Health: Always clean and store cherries and berries properly

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Delicious fruit: Always clean cherries and berries properly
Fruit and vegetables are healthy, but they should always be washed thoroughly before consumption to remove possible pathogens. In the case of cherries and berries, there are some special points to note. Experts have some tips on this.

Delicate fruits spoil quickly
According to health experts, you should consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Because it contains numerous vitamins, phytochemicals, minerals and fiber that are important for our body. When it comes to cherries and berries, which are currently in season, many Germans like to use them without pointing out the health aspect. Since almost all fruits are very sensitive and spoil quickly, a few things should be considered when storing them. Experts have helpful tips on this.

Store in a cool and shady place
Pink, purple, dark red: cherries and berries are super tasty and popular with many Germans. However, they are extremely demanding when it comes to storage:

“There is often only a short time between maturity and spoilage. After shopping, they should be stowed away in a cool and shady place. The refrigerator is very suitable for this, ”says the website“ ”.

However, they cannot tolerate strong heat or sunlight. According to the portal, strawberries, currants or gooseberries should only be washed shortly before preparation, "so as not to destroy the natural protective film".

Clean the raspberries under a weak shower spray
The Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations, which initiated the information portal, explains what needs to be taken into account during storage.

According to the experts, raspberries only stay fresh for one day. In order for the soft fruits to retain their intense aroma and consistency, they should be cleaned carefully with water under a weak shower jet.

Long exposure to water should be avoided, as this will remove the aroma from the berries.

Only remove the sepals from strawberries after cleaning
With strawberries, the green sepals stay on while washing. This prevents the fruits from getting watery. Instead of under a hard water jet, the fruits should be cleaned in a bowl filled with water.

The stem can then be removed with a small knife.

According to other experts, strawberries should be stored for a maximum of two days and fruits with dark pressure marks should no longer be consumed.

Store cherries with stems
Currants are also best stored unwashed. If you want to eat the delicate berries, you can wash them in standing water. They are too sensitive for the jet from the line.

With a prong of a fork, the berries can easily be brushed off the stem. You can also freeze them well, preferably in whole panicles.

Cherries should be kept with a stem and better not in a plastic bag, as they quickly rot in them.

It is best to pick up the style only after careful spraying, so as not to wash out the aroma. Fruits that are cracked or crushed must be sorted out immediately because they are easily moldy. (ad)

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