Portal for sufferers: First aid offers for internet addicts

Portal for sufferers: First aid offers for internet addicts

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Safer Internet Day: Where internet addicts get help
The internet has made our lives easier in many areas. However, some people spend more time online than is good for them. More and more young people are particularly at risk of internet addiction. A new offer of help for those affected starts on "Safer Internet Day" on February 7th.

Everyday life has become an integral part of the Internet
Reading the latest news, watching football results, chatting with friends, playing, shopping or even looking for a life partner: for many people, the internet has become an integral part of everyday life. Although it makes life easier for us in many areas, it also carries risks: More and more people are affected by online addiction. Young men are particularly at risk. On "Safer Internet Day" (February 7th) a new offer of help for those affected begins.

Where is the line between normal use and dependency?
The question of where the line between normal use and addiction runs on the Internet is often not so easy to answer.

If, for example, hobbies are impaired, social contacts suffer or users themselves interrupt beautiful activities to look at the screen, there is a high risk that there is an internet addiction or cell phone addiction behind it.

Online therapy search for people with internet addiction
On February 7th, the "Safer Internet Day", Germany's most comprehensive online database for therapy search for people with internet addiction will go online, reports the University Hospital Tübingen in a press release.

At the center of the "First Aid Internet Addiction" website is therefore an address database for advice and treatment options for internet-based addiction behavior.

The Germany-wide search for addresses took place in 2015 as part of the project "Offers for Internet-Based Addiction Behavior (AbiS)".

The website was conceived, developed and implemented by a research team from the Section for Addiction Medicine and Addiction Research at the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Tübingen under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anil Batra and Dr. Kay Uwe Petersen.

In addition to the address search, the website also offers affected persons and relatives background information about internet addiction.

Possible solutions for problematic internet use
“There are many solutions to problematic internet usage. Sometimes small changes in everyday life are enough to improve the situation, ”says the website.

"It is important to explain in an understandable manner what help options there are at all - from outpatient advice and therapy to day clinics or inpatient stays," explained psychologist Sara Hanke, research assistant for the project.

"With dynamic and lively content, for example in the form of a blog, we want to reach people of all ages and backgrounds," said the expert.

"We deliberately designed the site to be lively and yet serious," said research assistant Linny Bieber. “It can be expanded flexibly and offers numerous additional offers. The modern, responsive design means that the offer can also be accessed via smartphone and tablet. "

More attention to network security
The "Safer Internet Day" was initiated by the European Union. It takes place every year on the second day of the second week of the second month.

People of all ages should be encouraged to pay more attention to security on the Internet. This also includes the self-control over time and intensity with which people deal with internet applications such as online games or social networks.

If you lose control, so that school, professional or social obligations are no longer or only insufficiently fulfilled, there may be an “internet addiction”, the university writes in its communication. (ad)

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