Experts: Cancer rates rise about six times faster in women than in men

Experts: Cancer rates rise about six times faster in women than in men

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The lifestyle of women today leads to many cancers
Cancer is a terrible disease that kills many people around the world every year. Researchers have now found that cancer rates in women will increase six times faster than in men over the next twenty years. One of the main reasons for this is growing obesity.

The Cancer Research UK researchers found that cancer rates in women will increase significantly more in the future than in men. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer will increase sharply
There are several obesity-related cancers that can only affect women, and nowadays there is an increasing number of people of both sexes who are very overweight, the doctors say. She said rates of ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer are likely to increase most.

Breast cancer drug Palbociclib is not funded by the NHS
Cancer rates will increase by approximately 0.5 percent for men and 3 percent for women by 2035. These figures were released on the same day that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence announced that the breast cancer drug palbociclib would not be routinely funded by the NHS in England.

Many women should change their lifestyle
Charities condemned this decision and stressed that more therapies need to be developed and supported to help women with breast cancer survive. They also asked women to change their lifestyle. In this way, women could minimize the risk.

Research should enable better survival in difficult-to-treat cancer
The new figures show the great challenge that we have to face both in the UK and worldwide, experts from Cancer Research UK explain. "We have to work really hard to prevent the devastating effects of cancer on many women and their families," the researchers emphasize. Research should make it possible for many more patients to survive the disease, especially in the case of cancer that is difficult to treat.

New treatments could save three out of four people's lives
The latest figures show that more than eight million people worldwide die from cancer each year. Cancer kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, the experts explain. With more investment in research, major improvements in the diagnosis of cancer would be possible over the next 20 years, and new treatments could be developed that could save three out of four cancer patients by 2034, the scientists explain.

What are other risk factors?
Smoking is another factor behind the predicted growth in cancer cases in women. Smoking is still widespread among women. A lack of exercise and alcohol consumption also lead to the predicted increase in cancer, the scientists say.

Rates of uterine cancer and ovarian cancer could easily be reduced
It is alarming that the cancer rate in women will increase so much, especially because so many of these cancer cases could be prevented, the researchers explain. For example, about two out of five breast cancers in the UK could be prevented if women were more physically active, healthy weight and not drinking alcohol. That would be about 20,000 fewer cases a year. Other types of cancer can also be reduced through a healthier lifestyle. These include, for example, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. Women should also regularly take part in cancer screening, experts advise.

Medicines have to get cheaper
It is also important that anti-cancer drugs be offered at a low price. According to the experts, palbociclib could be treated in around 5,000 people in England (out of 45,000 breast cancer diagnoses per year). So far, however, the high price of the drug has prevented many of the treatments. This is the clearest illustration so far that the drug evaluation system is completely unsuitable for the purpose of evaluating breast cancer drugs.

Palbociclib is effective but still too expensive
A large proportion of metastatic breast cancer patients would benefit from the use of palbociclib, the experts explain. Palbociclib has been one of the most important advances in breast cancer treatment in the past 20 years. It would therefore be important that this type of treatment be made available to as many patients as possible. (as)

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