Reinforcing the body's natural defenses: Fresh lamb's lettuce contains a lot of healthy vitamin C.

Reinforcing the body's natural defenses: Fresh lamb's lettuce contains a lot of healthy vitamin C.

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Healthy lamb's lettuce contains almost twice as much vitamin C as lettuce
In winter, it is particularly important to strengthen the immune system to protect against infections. Local vegetables can also help. If you like salad, you should use lamb's lettuce. It is particularly rich in vitamins.

Strengthen the immune system with corn salad
Especially in the cold season, many health experts recommend using food to strengthen the immune system to protect against colds. Lamb's lettuce is particularly good for the vitamin C intake in winter. As the Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Organizations (BVEO) explains, the small green leaves contain twice as much vitamin C as lettuce.

"The healthiest of all salad types"
The healthy lamb's lettuce is also rich in provitamin A.

According to BVEO, it is "the healthiest of all types of lettuce and therefore the perfect vegetable to get through the winter healthy and fit".

"In addition, thanks to its high iron and folic acid content, it provides pregnant women with vital nutrients," write the experts.

Recipe for parsley root marinade
BVEO also has a recipe ready for anyone who is tired of the usual vinegar and oil dressing. The message describes how the salad can be seasoned with a parsley root marinade.

For this purpose, chopped parsley root is cooked with shallots, butter and white wine, mixed with milk and then pureed. This seasoning paste is then refined with mustard, white balsamic vinegar, honey and sea salt. Finally, the salad is marinated with the dressing. (ad)

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