Healthy winter vegetables: Fresh kale should always be free from discolouration

Healthy winter vegetables: Fresh kale should always be free from discolouration

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No discolouration: how to recognize fresh kale
Kale is particularly popular in northern Germany during the cold season. The delicious winter vegetables are full of healthy plant substances that protect against diseases. Experts explain how fresh kale can be recognized.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements
In autumn and winter, vitamin C intake is particularly important because of the more frequent colds caused by the wet and cold weather. Local vegetables such as cabbage can make an important contribution here. Varieties like kale are just as healthy as exotic superfood. Hardly any vegetable contains so many vitamins, minerals and trace elements in such a balanced composition.

It doesn't always have to be piss
Kale is traditionally usually cooked with sausage, bacon or smoked pork, but the vegetables are not only hearty, but also easy and tasty to prepare. For example in the form of a bright green kale sauce or as an exotic side dish.

It is important to buy the vitamin-rich cabbage fresh. The farmers' association Landvolk Niedersachsen explains in a current report how consumers find that the quality is right.

Buy directly from the producer
"Customers can see this from the uniform green color, lots with discoloration or dried interfaces should not be bought," explains Erich Klug, cultivation consultant of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture.

Producers offer the freshest cabbage at farmers' markets or in the farm shop. Here customers can also ask when the cabbage was harvested. (ad)

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