Pregnant women and hypertension patients should not eat licorice

Pregnant women and hypertension patients should not eat licorice

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Pregnant women should be more careful with licorice
Liquorice is particularly popular with many people in the north. However, some groups of people should be more careful with the dark candy. Licorice can be dangerous for pregnant women and people with high blood pressure.

Pregnant women should only enjoy liquorice in moderation
Although some people cannot get much from the idiosyncratic taste of licorice, many love the dark candy. However, experts point out that especially pregnant women and people with high blood pressure should only enjoy liquorice in moderation. The basis for licorice products is an extract from liquorice roots that contain glycyrrhizin. This plant substance can also affect the water and salt balance when broken down in the human body.

Warning of increased content
"Caution should be exercised especially with high blood pressure and in pregnancy," explained Andrea Danitschek from the Bavarian Consumer Center.

That is why so-called strong liquorice with an increased glycyrrhizin content bears the warning "contains licorice - in the case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided".

But there are other reasons why it is better not to consume licorice during pregnancy. Because this affects the child's cortisol level negatively, as the professional association of gynecologists in Munich reported years ago.

Medically effective plant substance
However, the candy should not be consumed in large quantities by other groups of people. High consumption threatens heart problems. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment recommends that consumers do not consume more than 100 mg glycyrrhizin a day.

But glycyrrhizin also has positive effects on health: "The special thing about licorice root is that it contains glycyrrhizin, a medically effective plant substance," says Danitschek.

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