Comparative study: How healthy is cold showering

Comparative study: How healthy is cold showering

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Study: Cold showers - is that healthy?
An old saying goes that “cold water should harden”. Researchers have taken this tradition as an opportunity to confirm or reject the thesis. In the course of a study, they found that sick leave was reduced by 29 percent due to the cold shower. It did not matter how long the test subject stood under the cold water jet. In naturopathy, water therapies have long been considered soothing and healing.

The 3018 participants in the study, aged between 18 and 65, had to take a shower at any time of the day every day for a month, only warm or hot as desired, then as cold as it came from the line. The subjects were then divided into four groups. One group had to shower in cold water at 10–12 ° C for 30 seconds, a second 60 and the third group 90 seconds. The control group showered at will.

At study end, the participants had to fill out a questionnaire and indicate and rate sick days, days off from work, quality of life and productivity at work.

The intervention reduced sickness reports by almost 30% compared to the control group. The differences between the intervention groups in terms of sick leave were not significant. The quality of life was only minimally increased in the cold shower. 21% of the study participants had stopped the experiment prematurely due to discomfort. However, 64% of the steadfast continued to take cold showers even after the end of their studies.

Water - an element in naturopathy
Washes have always been used as a healing element in naturopathy. Hot water warms the skin, body and organs directly. So it is ideal for all ailments related to hypothermia. Warm water also relaxes and soothes, so it is suitable for all symptoms that are expressed in cramps. Chronic inflammation can be treated with warm water. It relieves the pain and creates a pleasant feeling.

However, the situation is different with acute inflammation, which causes the temperature to rise. Warm water is inappropriate here. People who shiver and very thin people should prefer warm water when more robust natures use cold washes.

Cold water firstly dissipates excess heat, but at the same time warms in the second step. It increases blood circulation and the body warms itself up. They are invigorating, but very nervous people find this unsettling.

Cold healing water is ideal for all problems associated with excessive temperature: acute inflammation as well as burns and scalds. They harden and strengthen the body. They activate the self-healing powers.

You can find the study here.

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