Fatigue: Relieve fatigue from cancer treatment by dancing

Fatigue: Relieve fatigue from cancer treatment by dancing

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Exercise and dancing can relieve fatigue from cancer treatment
Cancer patients mostly not only suffer from their illness, but also from the consequences of the treatment. The therapy increases the already considerable burden and often leads to chronic fatigue and fatigue. Exercise and dancing can improve the situation of those affected.

Physical activity right at the beginning of cancer therapy
Although radiation therapies improve the chances of survival in many cancers, the treatment can also lead to excruciating tiredness and chronic fatigue - also known as fatigue. As the German Society for Radiation Oncology (DEGRO) explains in a current communication, physical activity can be helpful right at the beginning of radiation therapy to counteract fatigue.

Medicines have no effect
So far it is not known exactly what triggers the fatigue, in which one is permanently exhausted. According to DEGRO, 60 to 80 percent of cancer patients are affected after radiation and / or chemotherapy. The experts rate the treatment as difficult. Medicines have proven to be largely ineffective.

Some sufferers reported improvement through ginseng or guarana, others through various complementary medicine procedures, such as acupuncture. However, sporting activities achieve the best effect.

Exercise and relaxation exercises help with fatigue
For example, an older study indicated that strength training can help breast cancer patients with fatigue.

As the communication says, at least 25 studies in recent years have shown that endurance or strength training, but also yoga, tai chi, qigong and relaxation exercises help cancer patients. Just like walking, cycling and dancing. "It is less a question of what the patients do, but that they become active at all," said Professor Dr. med. Stephanie E. Combs, press spokeswoman for DEGRO.

Clear blockage in the head
However, some patients have little motivation because they see fatigue as a signal from the body that they need to be more careful. "They see the disease as a turning point and come to terms with its exhaustion situation," says Professor Combs.

Therefore, psychological interventions would often help. Meditation and mindfulness exercises are also recommended. Professor Combs: "It is important here to release the blockage in the head and to show the patient that an active lifestyle with movements is worthwhile for them." (Ad)

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