Would you like to be overweight? Women prefer men with a belly

Would you like to be overweight? Women prefer men with a belly

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Do women prefer men with big bellies? A British study suggests this
The aesthetic feeling is shaped by social images. Therefore, “big bellies” are generally rejected. However, a British study suggests that women prefer men who have a small stomach when choosing a partner. According to many test subjects, these men are “more relaxed and cozy”. In addition, the concern here is not so great that the partner is cheating. Although the informative value of the survey study is rather limited, other surveys also came to similar results.

An athletic, muscled man. This is the general ideal of beauty for most women and men. But a so-called "wealthy belly" does not have to stand in the way of finding a partner. However, this only applies if the man does not suffer too much from obesity. A British study found that "a large proportion of women prefer men with a stomach". Many women cited the reason, "According to their experiences, the men with the belly base are more relaxed and have a better character".

Well-trained bodies are sexy but hardly suitable for a partnership
Most women also stated that they preferred sexually trained male bodies, but that was "not very relevant" for the fixed partnership. According to some women, the cozy belly straps have "time for the family instead of the gym". In addition, "the inner values" would have a large proportion of value.

But another reason is much more important: perfectly trained men would rather put women under pressure. You would want women to be "perfect" as well. The women interviewed said it would be difficult to drop the covers in front of well-built men. The own, supposed weak spots would also be emphasized by the good looks of the trained men. However, there is a difference between extreme obesity and a small stomach attachment. Most women in the study did not stand for being overweight. In addition, obesity inevitably leads to serious cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and thus premature death.

No scientific result
However, the informative value of the study should be viewed with some caution. It is not sufficiently secured according to scientific standards. It was carried out as part of the sale of the last DVD TV season "Bad Neighbors". The series shows men with larger and smaller bellies. The result of the study can therefore be determined beforehand with suggestive questions.

Similar results in Germany
In Germany, the market research institute Dialego carried out a similar survey study. In this study, however, men and women were interviewed at the same time. 56 percent of men said they preferred to carry a few extra pounds with them. Only 24 percent said they wanted to lose weight. The women interviewed saw the same. The result was completely different for teenagers. Here, 40 percent of those surveyed stated that they do not yet know how much their future dream man should weigh. The majority of young women preferred slim or muscular men. The values ​​seem to change with age and with family planning. (sb)

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