Current study: nausea and vomiting a good signal after pregnancy?

Current study: nausea and vomiting a good signal after pregnancy?

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Pregnancy sickness in women is a good sign
Many expectant mothers are spoiled by violent nausea in the early morning. About four out of five women experience nausea during pregnancy. Although this is uncomfortable, it indicates that the pregnancy will be rather uncomplicated.

Do pregnant women with severe morning sickness always get girls?
Despite the great anticipation for the offspring, the day of many pregnant women is often tarnished early by nausea and vomiting. Some people assume that morning sickness is a sign of an expected girl. But this assumption is usually not correct, although according to experts in studies, there is evidence of an accumulation of female babies after pregnancy with severe morning sickness. And even though pregnancy sickness is so unpleasant, it is also a good sign, as scientists report.

Expectant mothers with severe nausea are less likely to miscarry
According to health experts, it is still unclear why some expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting and others do not. Among other things, hormonal changes in the female body are suspected as the reason. The complaints usually disappear from the fourth month. In addition, psychosocial factors such as stress, fears and arguments could influence the duration and severity of the vomiting.

But you don't have to worry about that. Because pregnant women with severe nausea and vomiting are less likely to miscarry, as a current study shows, which was published in the journal "JAMA Internal Medicine".

There is now evidence of suspected assumptions
The US researchers led by epidemiologist Enrique Schisterman from the National Health Institutes in Bethesda asked nearly 800 women about nausea and vomiting as part of the study. It was found that those subjects who suffered from morning sickness were between 50 and 75 percent less at risk of losing their baby.

"It's a common assumption that nausea indicates a healthy pregnancy, but there hasn't been much quality evidence to support it," said Stefanie N. Hinkle of the US National Institutes of Health in a Science Alert report. Her study confirmed that "there is a protective association between nausea and vomiting and a lower risk of miscarriage."

Nausea is "rather a good sign"
German experts also rate the results positively. According to a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), Franz Kainer, chief physician of the obstetrics and prenatal medicine department at the Hallerwiese clinic in Nuremberg, said: "This study impressively shows that nausea is more of a good sign for expectant mothers."

In contrast to earlier studies, the US scientists had already recorded women in the first weeks of pregnancy and had already discovered the positive connection here. "It will definitely take us further," said Ioannis Mylonas, Head of Infectious Diseases at the clinic and polyclinic for gynecology and obstetrics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

The causes are not exactly clear
According to the information, about four out of five women experience nausea and vomiting in the first third of pregnancy. For some, the annoying symptoms persist much longer. Even if the causes are not exactly clear, it is known that the gastrointestinal tract becomes sluggish due to the confused hormone balance. "This way the porridge can build up and lead to nausea," said the gynecologist Mylonas. However, other factors, such as the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, can also contribute to the unloved complaints in infected pregnant women.

Combat nausea with natural means
According to health experts, if mothers-to-be are often sick in the morning, it is better not to use medication. Because pregnancy sickness drugs are often hardly examined. It is better if women naturally address nausea during pregnancy. As a home remedy for nausea, the wonder bulb ginger is one of the best - whether as tea, in food or in tablet form.

In addition, pregnant women are advised to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Intense smells should be avoided. Otherwise women should eat what they have an appetite for. "It can be a piece of Black Forest cherry cake," says Mylonas. He said: "Medications are only an option if there is a high level of suffering." In very bad cases, when the pregnant woman can no longer hold any liquid in the body, the only way is to go to the hospital. (ad)

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