Constant headache: what actually helps against headaches?

Constant headache: what actually helps against headaches?

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Throbbing temples, humming head: what you should know about headaches
Around eight million Germans suffer from headaches on a regular basis. Many then quickly resort to over-the-counter pain relievers. In many cases, simple home remedies could also help. Often you can also prevent it, so that there is no unpleasant pain.

Around eight million Germans have a regular headache
Pain at the temples and a buzzing skull: headaches are now a common illness. In Germany alone, up to eight million regularly suffer from the unpleasant pain. Some sufferers then quickly take medication, but natural home remedies for headaches are often much more effective. In an announcement by the dpa news agency, an expert reported a lot of interesting facts about the topic.

Symptom of certain diseases
As Charly Gaul from the German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG) explains, the causes of headaches are often not clear, but there are triggers. These can include thirst, a change in the weather, too much sun or a glass of alcohol. However, headaches can also be associated with certain diseases, such as flu or sinus infection. Experts also speak of so-called "secondary headaches".

Difference between normal headache and migraine
With normal headaches, which are rather tension headaches, there is often pressing pain on both sides of the head. "The skull is humming, but usually not more," explains Gaul. "But some patients also feel the pain as severe."

In the case of migraine attacks, on the other hand, the very severe pain is accompanied, among other things, by nausea, intense sensitivity to light, noises and often also smells. In most cases, it only hurts on one side of the head. According to Gaul, migraine attacks can last between four and 72 hours.

Fight headaches effectively
Among other things, the therapy depends heavily on whether it is a headache or a migraine. For example, while exercise often only makes a migraine attack worse, some activity can help relieve tension headaches.

In addition, you can naturally treat the headache with peppermint oil. Other home remedies, such as applying a few drops of lemon balm to a piece of sugar and taking it, can often help.

While freely available pain relievers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or combinations with acetylsalicylic acid, caffeine and paracetamol would be the next step, Gaul says that one can often do without them if the headache is mild.

Pain relievers often do not help with migraines
"A migraine attack is a signal from the brain that it needs retreat and rest," explains Gaul. The first step is to withdraw into a darkened room. Those affected can take over-the-counter medications, but sometimes these do not help with migraines.

Triptans, special pain relievers, may then be the solution. They also work against the side effects of the migraine attack. "Two triptans are freely available in Germany," said the expert. Nevertheless, a doctor should be consulted.

Combat migraines naturally
Various home remedies for migraines are also available. Ginger or a tea with white willow can help, for example. In the case of mild complaints, alternating showers can also be helpful.

And: "In addition to drug and interventional procedures, there are non-drug options for treating migraines, most of which come from behavioral therapy," writes the DMKG in a current guideline.

"Relaxation procedures (especially Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation), endurance sports and various types of biofeedback are effective in the treatment of migraines in addition to the use of cognitive behavioral therapy," it continues.

Prevent headaches and migraines
The answer to the question of how headaches and migraines can be prevented depends on the possible complaints. Some people experience pain when they drink a glass of red wine. If such triggers are noticed, they should be avoided and in this case it is better to avoid alcohol.

Endurance sports and relaxation exercises to reduce stress can also have a preventive effect. As Gaul concludes, medical professionals are trying to help preventively affected patients with preventive drug treatment. (ad)

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