Animal gelatin: After this film, the pleasure disappears on sweet gummy bears

Animal gelatin: After this film, the pleasure disappears on sweet gummy bears

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Not for vegetarians: video spoils desire for gummy bears
It is often not immediately obvious to everyone if animal ingredients are contained in food. Gelatin is an ingredient that, among other things, ensures a firmer consistency in tarts or jelly beans. A video shows how gelatin is made. If you don't want to see dead animals, you shouldn't look at the clip.

Animal substances in food
Vegetarian and vegan diets are trendy. More and more people are opting for a way of life that does not require meat and fish or animal products. However, what many people are often not aware of: whether bread, wine or bananas: Food is often not vegetarian or vegan.

For example, there is often rennet in cheese, which is produced from calf stomachs. Potato chips sometimes contain game or beef ingredients, and in the wine you can sometimes find parts of fish bubbles or other animal protein.

Gelatin in gummy bears
An animal substance that is found in many foods is gelatin. Be it colorful gummy bears, sour apple rings or brown cola bottles: the mixture of tasteless animal proteins ensures that many vegetarians do without the colorful sweets.

No video for animal lovers
A video is currently circulating on the Internet that could also spoil the appetite for people who like to eat gummy bears. In the clip, in which the action takes place backwards, the Belgian broadcaster “VRT” reports on the production “Over Eten” about the production of gelatin. The video starts with the candy that we put in our mouth and ends with a little pig that looks directly at the viewer.

The clip has only been online for around a week, but it has been clicked over 800,000 times. If you don't want to see dead animals, you shouldn't watch the video.

More and more vegetarian products
Although there are more and more types of gummy bears and fruit gums that do not require animal gelatin, the German confectionery company Haribo writes on its website that the company is aware that "products with gelatin do not meet every consumer wish". For this reason, products are also offered "that are produced with the help of starch or agar and do not contain gelatin". Company founder Hans Riegel is considered the inventor of the gummy bears. (ad)

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