Dentures and implants: Who really needs dental insurance?

Dentures and implants: Who really needs dental insurance?

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Dental insurance is not worth it for everyone
Although the number of private dental insurance policies has increased significantly in recent years, not all patients benefit equally from such policies. Consumer advocates advise you to take out this insurance if you are healthy. The price is usually determined by the service.

Regular checks are also worthwhile financially
The annual check-up at the dentist is not only useful for health reasons, but also for financial reasons. If patients can prove these annual visits in their bonus book, the subsidy they receive from their health insurance for possible crowns, bridges or prostheses increases. Normally, implants are not included in the health insurance benefits catalog. Specialists therefore advise that the dentist be specifically asked about alternatives.

Dentures are expensive
No matter whether crown, bridge, prosthesis or implant: dentures with or without a grant are usually an expensive affair. "Dental supplementary insurance can make sense here," said Peter Grieble of the Baden-Württemberg Consumer Center in a message from the dpa news agency. "However, all existential risks should be hedged beforehand." For the insurance expert, an additional tooth policy is not one of the urgently needed policies.

Contracting with healthy teeth
Very important: "It is better to take out dental supplement insurance if you are healthy," says Grieble. Usually, insurers do not pay for problems that already exist when the contract is concluded. In case of doubt, customers should inform the insurance company when the contract is concluded. If it turns out afterwards that the insured person has given false information, the insurer can withdraw from the contract in the worst case.

Maximum reimbursement limits
It is also important to know that there are maximum reimbursement limits in the first years after the contract is signed. "Some offers only increase the standard care and do not necessarily refer to the total costs," said Bastian Landorff, health insurance expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center, in a message. "With higher-quality dentures, a high own contribution may have to be paid under certain circumstances." As a rule, the contribution to dental supplement insurance is based on age, scope of service and state of health.

Price also depends on performance
If you do not attach great importance to expensive dentures, but only want to insure your own share of the standard care, you do not necessarily have to pay a lot. According to the Stiftung Warentest, there are good tariffs from just seven euros per month. “The more services the tariff brings, the more expensive it becomes,” says Grieble. (ad)

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