Long prison terms for parents of vegan children?

Long prison terms for parents of vegan children?

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Berlusconi's party wants detention for parents of vegan children
Researchers recently reported what if everyone were vegetarians everywhere. According to the experts, this would make the planet and humans much better off. However, not everyone is open to a meatless diet. In Italy, the party of former Prime Minister Berlusconi is now demanding up to two years in prison for parents of vegan-fed children.

Meatless diet for health reasons
Vegan nutrition is the trend. The health aspect is often in the foreground: typical diseases of civilization such as obesity, diabetes or high blood lipids are rare for vegans. The offspring of parents who eat a purely plant-based diet often live without animal products. Nutrition and health experts have many tips on what parents should consider when eating vegan foods for their children. However, some people generally see a problem when the little ones grow up vegan.

German experts against vegan nutrition for children
For example, children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat a purely plant-based diet, according to the "Position on Vegan Diet" of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). The German Federal Minister of Food Christian Schmidt (CSU) has also spoken out against vegan nutrition for children. He called for a school subject that teaches balanced nutrition.

Mandatory advice for pregnant women
And the CDU member of the Bundestag Gitta Connemann recently even campaigned for mandatory advice for pregnant vegans. In other European countries, the suggestions for how to deal with a vegan diet go much further. In Italy, Parliament is currently dealing with the issue.

Up to two years in prison for parents
Forza Italia, the opposition party chaired by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has submitted a draft law to the Rome parliament, which provides for parents up to a year in prison if they turn their children under 16 years of age into a vegan, according to a press release from the APA news agency Force diet. The sentence is said to increase to two years when it comes to children under three.

“Adults can of course choose a vegan diet. The problem is when this diet is forced on children, ”said Forza Italia MP Elvira Savino. The politician warned of "dangerous diets" to which parents force their children.

According to the court, mother has to prepare meat for her son every week
In Italy, the recent fall of a one-year-old child caused a scandal. According to the agency report, the child was only vegan-fed by his parents, was severely malnourished and had to undergo surgery because of a heart defect. The parents were then deprived of custody of the boy.

And in the Lombardy city of Bergamo, a case went to court last year that dealt with nutrition. The judges, who dealt with an ex-couple's dispute over the nutrition of their 12-year-old son, decided that the mother, who relied on a macrobiotic diet, had to prepare meat for the boy at least once a week. According to the information, the woman herself has not eaten meat products for ten years. (ad)

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