Parents have a significant influence on the alcohol consumption of minors

Parents have a significant influence on the alcohol consumption of minors

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Parents have a great influence on whether and how much alcohol their children drink
There are many people in the world who like to move around the house on weekends and also consume some alcoholic beverages. In Germany, too, it is often simply a matter of conviviality to drink beer or wine with friends. It becomes problematic when our careless handling of alcohol also motivates young people to drink alcohol. Researchers have now found that parents' own drinking habits and upbringing have a massive impact on whether and how much their child drinks.

Adolescents especially like to drink alcohol when they are young - sometimes more than is actually good for them. Scientists have now found that parents have a great influence on whether and how much their child drinks. Today's stricter educational measures seem to have caused teenagers to drink less alcohol. The doctors of the "Institute of Alcohol Studies" published their results in a press release.

Education affects how much alcohol our children drink
Most adults know the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption from their own lives. As a teenager, they were invited to a party, drank too much, and spent the entire next day with headaches, nausea, and vomiting. But how does it really depend on how sensibly we deal with alcohol as young people? In a recent study, experts found that the way parents deal with alcohol and the upbringing methods used have a major impact on how our children deal with alcohol. Perhaps this explains why people in Germany drink more alcohol than average.

When teenagers drink a lot, parents are usually not innocent
If teenagers drink a lot and often, a problem can quickly arise. Some parents are partly to blame for this. For example, they have shown a bad role model when dealing with alcohol or have not influenced their child enough. Stricter alcohol use can prevent children from drinking too much alcohol at an early age, doctors say.

Problems with drinking minors between the ages of eleven and 15
The age at which teenagers are allowed to consume alcohol varies in many countries. For example, in the United States, the legal minimum age is 21. Of course, many young people already have their first experiences with the intoxicating drink beforehand. In Britain, for example, there has been a problem with drinking teenagers between the ages of eleven and 15 in recent decades, the experts explain.

Stricter parenting leads to decreased drinking among adolescents
In 2003, figures from Great Britain showed that around 61 percent of the 11 to 15 year old adolescents had already drunk alcohol or even did it more frequently. Thanks to better and stricter education strategies, this number has almost halved, the authors say. In 2014 the value was only 38 percent. Scientists from the Institute of Alcohol Studies are now trying to investigate the causes of the drastic decline.

Possible reasons for the decline in alcohol consumption
There could be several reasons for the drop in alcohol consumption among teenagers. For example, the soaring prices for alcohol could prevent young people from buying alcohol and getting drunk, the doctors say. Or young people reject alcohol because they have already experienced the negative consequences of consumption with their parents. Most scientists, however, support the theory that above all a stricter education led to this massive decline.

It is important to prevent the positive trend from reversing
The study is another important step to understand why alcohol consumption has decreased among minors, the doctors explain. It is important to build on the encouraging progress of recent years and prevent the trend from reversing, emphasizes Katherine Brown director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies. Whatever the reason, it is nice to see that alcohol consumption among minors could slow down in the next few years, the expert adds. (as)

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