Heart risk football EM: important check for heart sufferers

Heart risk football EM: important check for heart sufferers

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Excitement for football EM: medication check for heart sufferers
Millions of spectators are currently watching the European Football Championship in France. For many people, the games lead to enormous emotional tension; Heart rate and blood pressure rise. This can be dangerous for people with heart problems. Experts have practical tips ready so that following the big event does not become a health hazard.

Your heart is racing at exciting games
Millions of spectators are currently watching the European Football Championship in France. Exciting games can sometimes make your heart race. This can be dangerous for people with heart disease, such as coronary artery disease (CHD). Because then there is a risk that there will be small tears in previously damaged vessel walls, on which blood clots will form. Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Meinertz, CEO of the German Heart Foundation, said in a recent press release: “Emotional stress, which can arise during an exciting soccer game, often causes an increase in pulse and blood pressure. This increase is harmless for healthy people, but can be threatening for patients with CHD in individual cases. "

Have medication checked by a doctor
The experts advise cardiac patients to take the games of the European Football Championship as an opportunity to have their medication checked by a doctor: Could a blood pressure lowering be necessary? Are the cholesterol levels really well adjusted? In an older announcement, the heart foundation advised to take care to take necessary medication as conscientiously as usual during the game days. If patients take beta-blockers, the dose may be increased slightly before the game, although the increase and the time interval must be clarified with the doctor treating them.

Stress on the cardiovascular system
Even hearty people should pay attention to a lot when watching the EM, especially the die-hard fans. "The EM lasts only a few weeks, but the same applies during this time: no exercise through uninterrupted sitting, poor nutrition in the form of highly salted and greasy snacks, which are usually very high in calories, and excessive alcohol consumption put a strain on the cardiovascular system" , says Prof. Meinertz. The Heart Foundation advises healthy alternatives such as crispy vegetable schnitzel with quark or paprika dips from Mediterranean cuisine.

Don't just follow EM passively
Spectators are advised not only to participate passively in the sport during the tournament (until July 10), but also to become active themselves: people who can work under pressure can go jogging, cycling or taking a quick walk around five times a week. It is an advantage for cardiac patients if they can withdraw during the EM games - but this would be difficult in the crowd during public viewing. In the event of excitement and rising blood pressure, it is best to lie down and relax for a while. From a naturopathic perspective, relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are ideal for coping with stress. The half-time break can also be used sensibly: a short walk around the house can bring you to rest. (ad)

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