It is better not to place vegetarian tofu sausages in the middle of the grill

It is better not to place vegetarian tofu sausages in the middle of the grill

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Vegetarian tofu sausages have long been a rarity when grilling. But there are a few things to consider when preparing the sausage alternative. Otherwise the taste and health suffer.

The barbecue season is in full swing. “With an increasing number of consumers, plant-based alternatives are now ending up on the grill. In addition to side steaks and vegetable skewers, there is a wide range of vegan grill specialties, ”explains Sebastian Joy, Managing Director of VEBU (Vegetarian Association Germany).

Tips for vegetarian-vegan grilling pleasure
The vegetable grills such as tofu sausages and side steaks are sensitive to heat and should therefore always be placed on the edge of the grill. Turned regularly at short intervals, they are ready within a very short time. For vegetables, peppers, eggplants and zucchini are the favorites. Combined, they can all be combined in a vegetable skewer and expanded with whole mushroom heads. Leave the vegetarian skewers in a marinade of oil, salt, pepper and herbs a few hours beforehand and season with chilli and garlic as you like.

Conscious decision for sustainable nutrition
"More and more young people are consciously opting for a sustainable, plant-based diet," says Joy. It is not surprising that meat consumption is falling at the same time. “Plant-based alternatives are usually healthier and actively contribute to climate protection. Almost every product is now available in a vegetable variant. Regardless of whether it is schnitzel, burger patty or currywurst ”, says Joy. (pm, sb)

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