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New center for sexual health opened in Bochum

New center for sexual health opened in Bochum

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Experts network in a new facility
The first nationwide center for combating sexually transmitted diseases is now operating in Bochum. Various institutions and organizations work in the model project, e.g. the Bochum Health Office and pro familia are closely networked to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases through information and education.

Six institutions under one roof
The first center for sexual health and medicine in Germany with the motto “WIR” (Walk In Ruhr) opens in Bochum today. Six proven institutions such as the municipal health authority, an immunological outpatient clinic, AIDS support and various advice centers work closely together in this model project and also in close contact with specialists and general practitioners, according to a current message from the center.

New project to contain sexually transmitted diseases: The first center for sexual health and medicine was opened in Bochum. (Image: rcfotostock / fotolia.com)

Prevention behavior should be strengthened
The project is scientifically supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and from now on wants to offer information, diagnosis, therapy and psychosocial help on all questions of sexual health and sexually transmitted infections (STI). The aim is to strengthen preventive behavior in this area and to treat infections as quickly as possible through early diagnoses. “We are also open to people with a desire for sexual counseling, for couples who do not wish to have children and many more. The number of people seeking advice is continuously increasing, ”said the initiator and medical director of the center, Prof. Norbert H. Brockmeyer, according to the announcement. According to Brockmeyer, further work focuses on scientific work and further training, because "many doctors also want qualified offers on this subject". (No)

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