Adequate exercise and sporting activity protect us from old age suffering

Adequate exercise and sporting activity protect us from old age suffering

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How can people protect themselves from the effects of old age?

Researchers have now found that regular exercise not only seems to benefit our bodies and minds, it can also protect us from many aspects of slow wear and tear as we age.

In their current research, the University of Texas Southwestern scientists found that regular exercise and exercise are the best way to protect against the progressive wear and tear of old age. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Journal of the American Heart Association".

Activity and movement protect the heart

When older people spend more time exercising and exercising, they show fewer signs of progressing heart disease. For their study, the scientists examined 1,600 British volunteers aged 60 to 64. They wore so-called heart rate sensors for five days. The doctors analyzed the activity levels of the participants and compared them with indicators of heart diseases such as cholesterol precursors and a substance called interleukin-6. Overall, the participants with more activity had a lower level of all negative biomarkers, the experts say.

Even short activities improve heart health

The effects were even noticeable when the researchers viewed the activities of the participants in 10-minute sections. Every 10 minutes of exercise, be it running, playing tennis, or gardening, was associated with measurable improvements in at least one type of biomarker related to heart health. These results clearly confirm that physical activity can lower the risk of heart disease.

What do cardio and strength training do?

This is not the first time that two special forms of training - cardio training and weight training - have been associated with anti-aging benefits. Aerobic workout or cardio workout is the type of workout that puts a lot of strain on the heart and sweat flows in large quantities, while strength training helps strengthen the muscles. Both types of exercises are important for the heart. The left ventricle, which plays a key role in supplying the body with oxygenated blood, is particularly susceptible to age-related damage.

Exercise can prevent stiffness in the heart

A recent study published in Circulation magazine found that adults who exercised under supervision four to five days a week achieved a significant improvement in their cardiac output over two years compared to a control group who only did basic stretching and balancing exercises . These results indicate that a certain stiffness in the heart can be prevented or even reversed by regular aerobic exercises, the doctors explain. Based on a number of studies conducted by the team over the past five years, this dose of exercise is a good recommendation, the researchers say.

Older people benefit significantly from sport

Already in May, an analysis of almost 100 published studies published in the journal "Neurology: Clinical Practice" found that older people who exercised about 40 minutes three times a week experienced significant cognitive benefits. These benefits included better processing speed and better performance on tests related to skills such as time management and attention. This is evidence that a regular exercise program can turn back the clock of aging in the brain.

It is important to exercise regularly

An increasing number of studies suggest that the time you spend on a single workout is less important than the total time you spend in the gym over a longer period of time. This would mean that it doesn't matter whether our last workout lasted five or 50 minutes. It is more important that we exercise regularly, at best several times a week, the experts advise. (as)

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