Health: Does cold food and drinks make sense in the current summer heat?

Health: Does cold food and drinks make sense in the current summer heat?

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Why cooling off with a delicious ice cream is not a good idea

In Germany, temperatures of almost 40 degrees Celsius are currently being reached in some places. Cooling is urgently needed. Many therefore cool their drinks with ice cubes or treat themselves to a delicious ice cream. But even if such drinks and food are cold, they can be counterproductive when it comes to cooling. An expert explains why.

High-calorie treats in summer

On a hot summer day, there is hardly anything more refreshing than delicious ice cream. However, health experts advise against excessive consumption, since ice cream is one of the typical calorie traps in summer. However, not all varieties are calorie bombs. Ice is not really suitable for cooling down anyway. An expert from Austria explains why.

Chilled drinks and a delicious ice cream

Ice cubes in the drink and / or a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream: many people make the hot days of the sweaty heat wave more bearable.

But what do these forms of cooling actually do to the human organism?

Assoz.-Prof. In PdinMag.a Sandra Holasek from the Chair of Immunology and Pathophysiology at the Otto Loewi Research Center of the (Medical University) MedUni Graz has the answers and some hot tips ready.

Slower drinking behavior

Most people like to be outdoors in summer. However, the heat itself and especially physical activities at high temperatures also mean stress for the body.

With an ice cream as dessert and three or four ice cubes in a glass, high temperatures can be endured much better.

"In general, drinks taste better when they are below 22 degrees and that's why we feel the need to only consume chilled drinks," said the nutritionist.

“However, if we cool the drinks down even more with ice cubes, our drinking behavior is automatically slowed down. So you drink less liquid overall because the drink is too cold for the body, ”explains Holasek.

Refreshing effect lasts only briefly

But especially in summer, when the body is more easily dehydrated and is therefore even more dependent on sufficient fluids, this is problematic.

According to the expert, too much of a good thing is counterproductive when it comes to cooling. This also applies to the enjoyment of ice lollies, ice cream and Co.

Because these sweet temptations provide us with the longed-for cooling and acutely increase the performance due to the sugar content and are therefore "refreshing", but this effect only lasts for a short time.

“The human mouth is a checkpoint, a lot happens here. Even before we swallow the ice, signals are transmitted to the brain via taste and thermoreceptors, ”explains Holasek.

"A chilled food not only signals a subjective perception of the" freshness "from our flavor archive, but also physiologically measurable cooling of the head area and we find it pleasant," the nutrition expert describes the process.

Headache from hasty ice cream consumption

And those who have exaggerated it because of the sheer heat and have eaten the ice cream too quickly may also know the typical cold headache, the so-called "brain freeze".

"Everyone of us knows that, the rapid consumption of cold food and drinks leads to an increased blood flow in the head area and the vessels widen. This is also the reason for the so-called cold headache, ”explains Sandra Holasek.

So if you have a cool refreshment, you'd better leave a little more time and enjoy the refreshing ice cream in peace.

Drink a lot, especially in summer

The most important thing to get fit through the heat wave is the daily, sufficient hydration. This is not only true, but especially in summer.

“The most important thing is that despite the distraction of the various activities, we don't overlook our thirst or forget to drink something all the time. Ideally, the first thing to do in the morning is to drink a glass of liquid, ”says the expert.

Afterwards you should drink glass for glass throughout the day. A gap in the fluid intake should be avoided, since one tends to want to refill it too quickly at once.

"Drinking at least two to three liters of cold water or sprayed fruit juices throughout the day is the best way to avoid thirst or overheating of the body," says Sandra Holasek.

A good tip is also peppermint, fresh in the glass, chilled tea or as chewing gum in between. The menthol contained in it also stimulates oropharyngeal cold receptors, facilitates breathing and complements the cooling effect.

Well prepared for a hot summer day, nothing stands in the way of enjoying a scoop of ice cream. (ad)

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