Vital escape alley clogged with camping chairs and tables

Vital escape alley clogged with camping chairs and tables

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Campers block the emergency lane while seriously injured people are waiting for help

On Tuesday evening, June 12, 2018, there was a traffic jam on the A3 towards Oberhausen near Ratingen. A 66-year-old, possibly disoriented, ghost driver collided with a 53-year-old road user. According to the police, both drivers were seriously injured. When the rescue workers wanted to move in, they couldn't believe their eyes: a group of road users had made themselves comfortable with camping chairs and tables in the middle of the emergency lane and was handicapping the rescue vehicles.

"They made themselves comfortable on the road," a fire department spokesman told the news agency dpa on Wednesday. The rescue workers struggled to get to the scene of the operation to finally take the seriously injured to the hospital.

Rescue alleys save lives

Apparently, many road users still underestimate the life-saving function of the emergency lane. According to the ADAC, a rescue alley must be formed as soon as the traffic comes to a standstill, because in an emergency no time can be lost. All drivers are obliged to form the emergency lane and keep it clear. Anyone who hinders rescue workers must face a fine.

How is a rescue alley formed correctly?

A rescue lane must always be formed between the leftmost and the remaining right lanes. Drivers on the left lane drive as far to the left as possible. All other lanes clear the way to the right, creating a clear alley.

Fines catalog for disability of rescue workers

The ADAC provides information on possible fines and penalties that road users can expect if they do not take compliance with the emergency lane so seriously:

  • Anyone who does not form a proper alley for the passage of police or ambulance vehicles in the event of slow traffic on the motorway or an out-of-town street must expect a fine of 200 euros and two points in Flensburg.
  • If emergency workers are actually hindered by this, it is already 240 euros with two points and a month's driving ban.
  • If this creates a risk, the fine increases to 280 euros, two points and a month's driving ban.
  • If this results in property damage, 320 euros, two points and a month's driving ban are due.


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