Study: Ready-made sauces and industrially manufactured foods significantly increase the risk of cancer

Study: Ready-made sauces and industrially manufactured foods significantly increase the risk of cancer

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What is the impact of finished products on the risk of breast cancer?

If you are one of those people who use a lot of finished products in your kitchen, you should better switch to a healthy diet. Researchers have now found that using certain finished products in the kitchen massively increases the risk of developing aggressive breast cancer. Especially the consumption of ready-made sauces and industrially produced baked goods leads to a three times higher risk of aggressive breast cancer.

In their current study, the scientists from the Instituto du Salud Carlos III in Spain found that women who use a large number of finished products and ready-made sauces are more likely to develop aggressive breast cancer. The doctors presented the results of their current study at this year's annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago.

Why do many people eat so unhealthily?

People often don't have time, or they're just too lazy to cook a decent healthy meal. They much prefer to use finished products and industrially produced foods. However, such an unhealthy diet leads to a greatly increased risk of aggressive breast cancer.

Inflammation in the body increases the risk of breast cancer

The experts say that the increased risk of aggressive breast cancer is mostly caused by foods that can cause inflammation in the body. Ready-made sauces, such as those used in curry and pasta dishes, and industrially manufactured bakery products such as bread, are particularly massive increases in the risk of this form of cancer, according to the researchers. It is believed that this type of food increases the risk of cancer because it causes DNA damage.

Almost 2,000 women were examined for the study

When women consume a lot of foods that promote inflammation in the body, this diet increases their risk of breast cancer by 39 percent compared to women who very rarely eat such unhealthy foods, the study authors say. In addition, such women also had a 2.72 times higher risk of getting aggressive and very difficult to treat so-called triple-negative breast cancer. The study examined nearly 2,000 women and compared the diagnoses of cancer with food.

More research is needed

The experts emphasize that further evidence is needed before women should be asked to completely avoid certain food groups in their diet. A significantly increased risk only affects women who often eat unhealthily, explains study author Professor Adela Castello from the Instituto du Salud Carlos III in Spain. It certainly won't hurt women to eat processed meat, fast food or sweets once or twice a week, the doctor adds.

How can I prevent cancer?

Healthy eating habits also serve to prevent cancer. It's best to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains daily, fish, legumes and nuts three or four times a week and reduce the consumption of red meat to only once or twice a week, the experts advise on this topic. Avoid eating commonly processed meats, ready meals, fast foods, industrial baked goods, sweets, sugared drinks, and high-fat dairy products, the researchers further explain. In addition, you should refrain from consuming alcohol and use olive oil for cooking and frying. (as)

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