Quality of sleep and not the duration of sleep is crucial for performance

Quality of sleep and not the duration of sleep is crucial for performance

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Sleep duration with less impact than sleep quality

Sleep disorders can have far-reaching consequences, with a sleep deficit being directly linked by most people to impaired performance. But the sleep quality is obviously far more important than the pure sleep duration. This is the result of a recent study by scientists from Jacobs University Bremen.

"In order to be fit and productive during the day, a healthy, low-fat diet and undisturbed sleep play an important role," the experts explain. However, the duration of sleep is of less importance, emphasize Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke and colleagues from Jacobs University Bremen. Even with long sleep times, the performance can be impaired if the sleep quality is inadequate. The researchers published their study results in the journal "Health Behavior & Policy Review".

Interrelationships examined

The research group around the professor of health psychology, Dr. In the current study, Sonia Lippke examined the "interrelations between quality of life and well-being on the one hand and sleep and nutrition on the other." The study specifically focused on two aspects: the fat content of the food and the duration and quality of sleep, the scientists report . A total of 126 adults older than 50 years were interviewed for the study.

Impaired sleep with far-reaching consequences

Since sleep disorders and lack of sleep are considered risk factors for a number of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems or diabetes, sleep has recently become the focus of scientific research. Until now, however, little was known about the connections between sleep and various lifestyle factors such as nutrition, report Prof. Lippke and colleagues. In the current study, the researchers have therefore devoted themselves to the mutual influences in this area.

Positive influence of good sleep quality

What was striking, according to the Jacobs University Bremen, was the positive impact of reduced fat diet and undisturbed (good quality) sleep on daytime performance. On the other hand, if these two aspects were given, the duration of sleep seemed to be of secondary importance, according to the university. "Seven to eight hours of sleep are considered sufficient, but it is particularly important that they are relaxing," emphasize Prof. (fp)

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