Dental health: are bad teeth transmitted when kissing?

Dental health: are bad teeth transmitted when kissing?

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Which dental diseases are transferred to the partner

Approximately 80 million bacteria are exchanged by two people in a single kiss. However, if one partner is sick, the other's risk of infection also increases. Very few people know that they can also transmit tooth problems in this way. Dr. Lutz Spanka, Master of Science for Implantology and Dental Surgery as well as Orthodontics at the ZahnZentrum Dr. Spanka & Kollegen in Hude explains which diseases are particularly dangerous and how couples protect themselves from infection.

Periodontitis: unobtrusive threat

About every second adult in Germany suffers from periodontitis. [[2] 2] It is therefore reasonable to assume that one's own partner is also affected by this inflammation of the tooth structure. It is caused by bacterial deposits that attack the gum line. When kissing, the harmful pathogens can also enter the mouth of the loved one via the saliva and also settle there. Particularly dangerous: At the beginning of the disease, many people hardly notice any symptoms. Only when it is too late do they notice periodontitis.

"A first indication is reddened and swollen gums that are prone to bleeding. At this stage, it is sufficient to clean the mouth with bacteria by professional tooth cleaning," says Dr. Spanka. Without treatment, the jawbone declines as the disease progresses, which can lead to tooth loss.

Caries: aching holes

Caries is also caused by bacteria that partners can use to infect each other. The insidious pathogens are not only transmitted through direct physical contact, but also indirectly, for example, when lovers share their dessert with a spoon. Against this background, experts also advise against sharing a toothbrush. But no matter how the harmful microorganisms get into the partner's mouth when they settle there, they begin to feed on food residues.

In this process, they convert sugar into acid, which in turn attacks the enamel. This creates holes over a longer period of time. In this case, too, many people only notice their disease when the bacteria have penetrated deep inside the tooth and it therefore hurts.

Avoid contagion

Since most lovers do not want to stay away from their partner, only the right care of the teeth helps to counteract diseases before they develop. Therefore the motto is: Brush your teeth at least twice a day. In addition to daily oral hygiene, professional dental cleaning every six months is the best prophylaxis. After all, if you have plaque removed regularly, bacteria don't even have the opportunity to spread in the body.

“In order not to pass on contagious diseases, regular preventive examinations should take place. You are doing a favor not only for yourself, but also for your partner, ”emphasizes Dr. Spanka in conclusion. (sb, pm)

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