Health: Never suppress flatulence on an airplane

Health: Never suppress flatulence on an airplane

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Do not suppress pounding on the plane
Most people suppress shouting out of shame in closed rooms when they are inside with other people. This shame can lead to health consequences if this happens on the plane. It even happens that planes have to make emergency landings because those affected suffer from massive abdominal pain. Experts explain why bloating should never be suppressed. Even a study was done on this.

Stopover due to flatulence Almost everyone knows the problem: You would have to pee, but don't dare because you are surrounded by other people. The crew calls the belly-bloat phenomenon in aviation “Boeing Belly”. In the United States, a machine had to stop over after a gasoline-stricken passenger had lit a match after every blow to hide the unpleasant smell.

Still a taboo topic Actually, flatulence is "very normal", but for many it is still a taboo topic. According to doctors, every person produces around 1.5 liters of gases in the body every day. "Most get into the blood through the intestinal wall and are further broken down in the liver and exhaled through the lungs," says gastroenterologist Mathias Strowski. "All gases that cannot be broken down in this way have to leave the body as pups." These reach a speed of 0.1 to 1.1 meters per second. The number of daily bumps averages 12.7. Each fart consists of gases, such as odorless nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, but also malodorous sulfur compounds.

Flatulence increases above the clouds During flights, flatulence increases, among other things, due to the reduced air pressure. As reported, from a height of 3,500 meters almost all of these gases pass into the intestine and thus lead to an increased urge to fart. As the aircraft continues to climb, the gases in the abdomen expand further. In addition, the accumulation of air is promoted by a lack of exercise or improper nutrition on board. The crew calls the phenomenon of the bloated belly phenomenon in aviation “Boeing Belly”, which torments both passengers and pilots and flight attendants - especially on long-haul flights.

Experienced frequent flyers do without some drinks and dishes Unfortunately, you often have to do without common flatulence home remedies for flatulence, which can usually be used to counter abdominal pain, belching with heartburn and thumps, since it is not permitted to take drinks and many of the aids be prepared in the form of teas. Not as a home remedy, but as an on-board means, it is advisable to get up and move around every now and then. This is advisable anyway on long flights, especially as a prevention against thrombosis. Experienced frequent flyers often do without alcohol, carbonated drinks, juice and coffee, as these can exacerbate the problem. Instead, they go for unsweetened herbal tea or still water.

Home remedies can help

Let go better You should also avoid salad and fruit. According to the information, airlines usually do without certain foods that promote flatulence: These include, for example, legumes, leek vegetables or cabbage. Some passengers manage themselves with over-the-counter defoaming preparations containing the active ingredients Dimeticon and Simeticon. These dissolve the gases in the stomach. There was a study published by scientists in the “New Zealand Medical Journal” on the question of whether to pinch the pups better or not. The simple answer is: "Just let it go", which means that it should be let out. Otherwise, complaints such as feeling of fullness, indigestion and stomach ache threatened.

Flying with lederhosen The strained retention of air in the abdomen can cause the intestine to cramp too much and pinch the air at its curvatures on the right and left in the abdomen, which results in further complaints. Therefore the motto is: “Better to let go. The researchers also address the smell problems that can arise with such consistent let-it-go behavior on board ”. Your suggestion is to use activated carbon in aircraft seats in the future as this material could neutralize the smell. Professor Doktor Strowski, who thinks that you should “just apologize” to your fellow travelers in such cases, has somewhat unusual advice and says: “Fly with lederhosen! The bowel winds are dampened by the fabric and distributed bit by bit. ” (ad)

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