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Rip off

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Rip-off is the colloquial term for methods with which enrichment takes place at the expense of customers. This does not necessarily have to be fraudulent behavior; for example, there may simply be an overpriced price based on the benefits and the manufacturing costs. In the medical field, for example, the sale of miracle cures for all health problems has been a rip-off model that has been known for centuries. Even in the case of drugs that are proven to be effective, however, there is occasional accusation of rip-off because the price appears to be disproportionately high, such as when the hepatitis C drug Sovaldi was introduced in 2014. To what extent these allegations are justified remains in view of the enormous development costs, that pharmaceutical companies have to muster openly. In the case of sales of demonstrably ineffective means and advertising promises that simply cannot be kept, the term rip-off is quite justified.

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