Diet tuber: The potatoes are wrongly regarded as fattening foods

Diet tuber: The potatoes are wrongly regarded as fattening foods

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Few calories: Potatoes are certainly not fattening agents
Potatoes are frowned upon by many people as fattening foods. However, the bulbous fruit has this reputation wrongly, its calorie content is moderate. The fact that potatoes can make you fat mainly depends on the preparation.

Potatoes have a moderate calorie content
Most Germans love potatoes. However, the bulbous fruit is frowned upon by many as a thickener. The lean tuber has this reputation wrongly. The calorie content of potatoes is moderate. They can cause excess weight if they are consumed primarily in the form of fries, chips and the like. On the other hand, properly prepared, potatoes are a very healthy food.

Healthy tuber
The proportion of protein in potatoes is low, but this is of particularly high quality. In addition, the tuber has a considerable proportion of B and C vitamins as well as complex carbohydrates. Various minerals and trace elements are also included.

How healthy potatoes can be has also been scientifically proven. For example, US researchers have found that blue potatoes can lower blood pressure. This was shown in a study in which the participants suffered from high blood pressure.

The special potatoes are now also commercially available in Germany.

"The potato probably has an undeserved bad reputation more than any other vegetable, which has led to many health-conscious people deleting it from their diet," says study author Dr. Joe Vinson from Scranton University in Pennsylvania.

It depends on the right preparation
However, the right preparation is very important. For example, if you only eat fried and deep-fried potatoes, you damage your health.

Because when frying and deep-frying at high temperatures, trans-fatty acids can develop, which have negative effects on the metabolism and thereby increase the risk of a fat metabolism disorder.

The risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) increases with an increased intake of trans fatty acids.

Prepare potatoes gently and with skin
Dagmar von Cramm, economist and author of numerous cookbooks, explains that potatoes do not make you fat - as long as they are not roasted with butter and co.

According to the expert, you only consume around 70 kilocalories if you cook 100 grams of stuck potatoes gently and with low fat. That is fewer calories than in a comparable amount of rice.

The tubers should be prepared gently and with skin so that the nutrients do not evaporate.

Von Cramm recommends baked potatoes with a little olive oil and rosemary or mashed potatoes with buttermilk in the agency report. "They are definitely not fattening foods."

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